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Electromagnetic Wave Absorber
Thermal Interface Material
Conductive Elastomer
Conductive Paste
Conductive Paste
SMT Gasket
Shielding Gasket
Conductive Fabric
Conductive Tape
Metal Clip
Shield Window
EMI Air Vent Filter
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Method of Dispensing Gasket

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Method of Dispensing Gasket


  • 우수한 전자파 차폐 기능
  • 우수한 전기접지기능
  • 상온경화용 실리콘 사용
  • 일액형의 실리콘타입

Dispensing Gaskets 품질에 미치는 영향

  • Constant pressure applied
  • Material of substrate
  • Moving speed
  • Material of sealants
  • Surface of substrates
  • Size of nozzle
The Variable Affecting the Quality of Dispensing Gaskets
Moving Speed is reasonable Moving Speed is too fast Moving Speed is too slow
Good Result Poor Result Poor Result

구조와 디자인

Design of Rib and Gasket
  • a.10~20% pressing of gasket is recommended for ideal EMI Shielding Effect.
  • b. B' is dependent on desired cross section of gasket when it is pressed.
  • c. If C'=0.3, C=0.38~0.45 and if C'=0.4, C=0.48~0.52.
Structure and Design
Division Specification
A : Rib width Min 0.5
A’ : Gasket width before pressing Min 0.4 (Max 80% of A)
B : Gasket width after pressing Max A
B” : Gasket width after pressing
- Gasket width before pressing
Max 2B’ + B < A
C : Gasket height before pressing Max A’, Min. 50% of A'
C’ : Gasket height after pressing Min 90% of C
C” : Gasket height before pressing
- Gasket height after pressing
C”= Min 10% of C

카트리지 포장

Al cartridge


  1. Shelf life extended (2 Month)
  2. Less damage risk
  3. Content 600g [app 310cc]
    * PE cartridge is also available
Injecting time to barrel 20sec


* Supplied barrels for cartridge type’s order, injector which is made by DSIC supplied with extra charge.
Supplied cleaner for injector purchaser.

Cartridge packaging - Standard size of packaging box
No. Contents Material Dimension (mm) Standard Quantity of Cartridge
b I T
Inner box PU foam 345 340 230 16 Cartridge
Carton box SK3SA 355 350 250


P/N : 1.ID - CSS - 2.AAA - 3.**g - 4.BBB

  1. Serial Number
  2. Type : A, AS, N, NS
  3. Needed Weight
    • Syringe type : order in a barrel by 100g ex) 100g, 200g,··········, 5000g, etc
    • Cartridge type : order in a cartridge by 600g ex) 600g, 1200g, ··········, 4800g, etc
  4. Packing type
    • None : Syringe type
    • CT : Cartridge type


Test Method
Surface Resistivity Point-to-point method
Viscosity #2 EZ Zahn Cup
(EtOH : paste=1 : 1 at volume ratio)

품질성능 (SE)

품질성능 (SE) 그래프 이미지


Application Parameters
Spray Gun HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) gun
Pressure 2kgf/cm2 (28 psi)
DooSung paste must be homogenized carefully before use, under mechanical mixing at medium speed.
During the application, it is necessary to mix the paint from time to time to avoid sedimentation.

Safety Data

Safety Data
Precaution General precaution in use for the application of paints containing solvents.
Flammable product. Therefore never handle near a flame.
Labeling Part No., Lot No., Manufacture Date, Quantity, Manufacturer
Documentation Outgoing Inspection Sheet
Storage Product shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacture while stored under original seal.
Store in a cool, dry location at temperatures between 15~20℃


P/N : 1.IDP — 2.AAA

  1. Serial Number
  2. Materials Type
    - 01S : solvent-based system