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Conductive Tape

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Conductive Tape


Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile communication technologies, we are facing a lot of serious problems related to electromagnetic waves from IT products. To cope with these problems, it is necessary to use the EMI shielding products. Doo Sung manufactures a wide range of EMI Shielding and Conductive Products, related to the computer, telecommunications, military applications, general electronics, medical equipments and automotive industries. These include Conductive Fabric and Conductive Tape. Doo Sung EMI Shielding Products have been awarded ISO 9001 and 14001 certification and have patents unique designed to perform good shielding effects, and they have meet UL requirements. This catalogue is designed to provide technical specifications and material characteristics for all categories of Conductive Fabric and Conductive Tape available from Doo Sung. These products’ list is as follows.

Conduvtive Tape

Conductive Tapes are composed of a conductive substrate and adhesive. These products have been designed to meet commercial EMI shielding and grounding properties. Furthermore, these can offer inflammability and durability in a thin, lightweight and flexible shielding design.


  • Wire Harness
  • Special Type Gasket
  • Washer
  • Grounding
  • Various Shielding and etc.

How to Order

Order by Shape or Sheet Type

P/N : ID - GK01 - 0.13 t - 210 - 300 - S

  1. Serial Number
  2. Part Number
  3. Thickness (mm)
  4. Width (mm)
  5. Length (mm)
  6. Type : S (Shape), D (Refer to drawing), None (Rectangular)
Order by Roll Type

P/N : ID - GK01 - 0.13 t - 1000 - 50m

  1. Serial Number
  2. Part Number
  3. Thickness (mm)
  4. Width (mm)
  5. Length (mm)