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IDCS series

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IDCS series - Roll type Conductive Silicone


  • Roll type conductive silicone characteristic has thermal resistance and good electrical feature with the complex of metal powder and silicone binder. Using the advanced filler, it has the characteristic of good electromagnetic wave noise shielding and good electrical conductivity on the electronic equipments. By using the advanced, it will help to increase the production and processing of manufacturing, and have various shapes from flexibility. DooSung has competitive formulation in production cost.


Shielding application on portable and digital products to reduce the electromagnetic waves noise Mobile phones, digital cameras, car navigations systems, desk top / lap top PCs, PDAs, DTV set-top box, etc.


IDCS series Specifications
Content IDCS series
Specification IDCS Specification IDCS Specification
Conductive Filler Nickel coated Graphite
Binder Silicone
Thickness (mm) 0.25~1.50
Standard Size Roll type : 150mm x 50m or 250mm x 50m
Sheet type : 210mm x 300mm
Surface Resistance (Ω) Max. 0.5 (with PSA : Max. 0.2)
Shielding Effectiveness (dB) Min. 50
Hardness (Shore A) 65 (±5)
Specific Gravity(g/cm3) 1.3 (±0.1)

Quality Performance (SE)

Quality Performance (SE) img

How to Order

P/N : 1.IDCS - 2.AAA - 3.BBB - 4.CCC - 5.DDD - 6.EEE - 7.FFF

  1. Serial Number
  2. Thickness (mm) : 100 means 1.00mm
  3. Material : NC (nickel coated graphite)
  4. Width (mm)
  5. Length (mm)
  6. Tape Type : B0(ID-23N41), B1(ID-20N41), N(None)
  7. None : Rectangular type, S : Shape type